Monday, May 28, 2012

The joys of the workplace blowjob.

Before I begin, I'd just like to ask that if anyone is reading this please take the trouble to provide some feedback, I kind of want this blog to be an interactive experience...
 * * *
During my 12 years in the army, I was usually very careful about sex at work... careful doesn't mean I didn't do it though.

 There are lots of reasons for having sex or performing a sex act on someone. Giving someone a blowjob has a different set of criteria than regular sex, for one it's easier there's no shuffling trying to get into a postion and get your knickers off... it's far more casual you can just do it in a few minutes and then move on with what you were doing before hand.

 It's frustrating though and for women a lot less satisfying, especially for someone like me who's not that keen on recieving Oral sex.

 Anywho to give a brief example, a good few years back I was working in my unit Office. We had a visitor who while not a VIP was causing a bit of a stir, basically he was doing a sort of audit and finding a lot of things were wrong. I found it quite funny, I didn't like my current chain of command and the way they did things and thought it served them right that they were getting caught out. At first they ignored him, then they tried to argue with him in the end they just folded and let him get on with it.

 What really impressed me was at one stage they tried to blame a bewildered Private for an accounting error, and he just ripped into them insisting all blame lay higher up... Which quite impressed me. I'd been observing for a while when I got the job of escorting him to see some archived Docs. He was quite relaxed with me, even made some small talk. He was in his early 50's I'd say, well dressed but with a quite a lot of grey but he was fairly fit looking. I tried making a few flirtatious comments but he didn't really pick up on them. Which kind of put me off, when we got to the store room to be honest I just thought it would be a pity not to.

 I pushed against him, he stepped back against a wall. He didn't raise his hands straight away just kind of jumped a little bit. I didn't try to kiss him just went down on my knees in front of him. He didn't ask me what I was doing but as i went to unbuckle his belt he just said 'don't' I looked up and asked him if he was sure he wanted me to stop but I stayed on my knees. I thought it would be a bit embaressing to have him turn down a blowjob. After a second he just nodded and looked up at the ceiling.

 I pulled his cock out of his trousers which was completly soft. I got the sense from him beforehand that he had good personel hygine, there was a slight fragrence of soap from his cock but no real taste, his pubes were a bit of a tangle though. I was a bit surprised guys usually get hard during the time it takes to actually get their cock in my mouth. Anywho the hardest part was getting him hard, and after a bit I started to have second thoughts.

Though even when he was soft he was still moaning. It sometimes takes a while to tell what turns a guy on with oral sex. When I took his balls in my mouth I was able to see his cock start to get hard. I put his cock back in my mouth, he wasn't that big and I was able to take him all the way easily.

 After a bit he just kind of gasped "Corporal" I thought it was funny he called me by my rank.

 I stopped and looked up, he seemed a bit lost for words, it took me a moment to realised he was about to finish and didn't know where to spunk.

 I told him it was okay to finish in my mouth, as soon as I put my lips around him again, I felt the semen spurt into my mouth, there was a surprising lot of it, and it kind of caught me off guard before I reflexively swallowed.. I've always found it easier to swallow rather than go looking for someplace to spit, you actually can't taste anything if you do it straight away. I kept sucking him for a few moments but he got soft very quickly.

 He went to put his cock away but I batted his hand. I like to put guys cocks back in their trousers after giving blowjobs. I did up his boxers and trousers and stood back up , so I was eye to eye with him. This tells you something about a guy, if a guy doesn't want to kiss you after spunking in your mouth well he doesn't respect you. He hadn't actually kissed me before hand but he did it now, not especially well and he wasn't that comfortable doing itbut it was a statement.

He asked me if that was 'okay' which I took to mean spunking in my mouth. I got the impression that he hadn't had a lot of blowjobs, he didn't have a wedding ring and I didn't ask any questions. I just told him that I like men to do what he did, as in ask first. He was happy with that.

We chatted for a while mainly about his visit, I think he wanted to see me again but I wasn't really interested, and he was clever enough to take a hint. We went back upstairs and he renewed ripping my bosses to shreds, with added zeal, I think for my benefit... Which made it all the more enjoyable.

Notes: As in my previous stories I'm trying to stay as close to what happened as possible, and not try and varnish anything. With that in mind though I'd welcome suggestions on what details i might add.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dirty Weekend

Like I've mentioned before, I joined the army at 16, and I loved it almost immediately. I was good at military skills, I was naturally fit, and discovered I was quite good at most sports I tried. It was initially a bit shit because the army put a few restrictions on you, including a half hearted attempt to keep me away from alcohol.

My first unit after finishing trade training was in Germany which was a bit intimidating. It was kind of worse for me in that because of my home circumstances I never had any interest in going home on leave.

So the first few months with regards relationships wasn't great, it was all soldiers obviously on camp, and it could just be a drag going out with blokes that you worked and lived with.

The first long weekend there most of my mates disappeared back to the UK for a long weekend but I stayed figuring I'd do some sight seeing.

The Friday evening, I was in the block alone when one of the Sergeants in my unit called into the block. I was only a private and junior and seniors usually didn't mix.

So she told me that she and another woman I didn't know were going out for drinks with some guys, and did I want to come, kind of like a blind date. I wasn't doing anything but still wasn't that keen. In the end I said yes, partly because I didn't want to say no to someone that was senior to me and partly because it seemed like an opportunity to do something different.

So we met up at the camp gate, there was a car waiting for us, not a taxi but a car from a hotel. So it wasn't in town, but about half an hour away. We met them in quite a nice restaurant next to the hotel they were staying in.

I'd been chatting to the other two women in the car on the way there lets call the Sergeant, Kate and the other girl Laura. Laura was more in my peer group, she was only a couple of years older than me.

So we arrived at the restaurant and Kate's boyfriend was waiting for her, after a while the other two guys arrived, Laura seemed to have kind of an odd relationship with hers.. they weren't in a steady relationship but I remember he kept getting distracted either with his phone or chatting to his two friends about work related stuff.

I should probably describe these three guys before I go any further, even though it was Germany two were English (including mine) and the other was French (Kate's but he spoke perfect English).. the were all in their late 30's early 40's... My bloke lets call him Daniel was the oldest... which kind of put me off to be honest...

Not to sound like a cliché but he was older than my Dad, which I hadn't really been expecting. Though I did kind of like the way he seemed to be the senior of the three at work, while the other two were trying to have a laugh and a joke they also seemed to want to suck up to Daniel.

So he didn't seem that interested which was another kind of turn of.. but he was attentive and easy to chat to. As we chatted over dinner we talked about all sorts of stuff.. but the three of us were at a disadvantage.

Back to us three girls for a moment, we didn't really know each other that well. Like I said Kate even though she was in my unit was a senior NCO, and wouldn't really be expected to be friends with a private straight out of training. Laura while more in my peer group I hadn't met before tonight.

So the evening went well, Laura was all over her guy flirting with him. After dinner we went to the hotel bar, where to be honest I proceeded to get pretty drunk. I was actually having a good time.

Anyway I'm going to skip ahead now, I could right pages about how we all interacted and I might do later, but for now I'll jump to decision time.

Kate said there was a car that would take me back to camp if I wanted, but that the guys all had suites in the hotel, and She and Laura were going to spend the night, it was up to me what I wanted to do with Daniel.

This had previously occurred to me before I even got there, that I'd probably be walked into bed by the guy. Though in the end I hadn't been expecting who I got. Kate said I could leave now or we could go up to her bloke’s hotel suite and I could still leave later.

When we got to the Hotel suite Daniel kissed me when we got in the door, which kind of surprised me as he hadn't seem that interested up till then. The room was massive, there was a bar of course so we got more drinks and then just sat on the couch snogging.

Daniel was a good kisser, and it was easy to drift off for a while just kissing and cuddling. Early on he put his hand up my dress, I put mine on it to take it away, but he just stopped and said I could leave if I wanted to. So the hand stayed where it was, after a while he started to finger me through my knickers, which felt nice as I was starting to get horny.

This went on for another while, I kind of zoned out enjoying the moment when I felt him start to pull my knickers down. I stopped kissing him again deciding even if I did have sex with him I wasn't going to let him do that with people watching.

It was at that point I turned around to see what Kate and Laura were doing. Laura was in the process of giving her bloke a blowjob, which was a surprise but at least she'd gotten his full attention. The whole thing seemed to have ramped up a notch without my noticing. Kate was in the far side of the room with her guy and I couldn't fully see but I think they were actually shagging.

At that point it was decision time, actually he made part of the decision for me as he succeeded in getting my knickers off. He went back to kissing me while fingering me more insistently this time, I was starting to get wet, but still I didn't feel comfortable getting fucked with so many other people around, yet I didn't want to just finish the night there. I'm kind of a path of least resistance person at times. I had truth be told thought that sex would be on the cards but this was a surprise.

Also there was a kind of peer pressure, not from the blokes but from Laura and Kate, I had actually been in similar situations before, and if I'd stopped and stormed off, Laura and Kate might have taken it to mean I was making a judgement about them..

Anywho enough moralising, eventually I just decided to go down on him. I think I thought it would head of actually having sex in front of a bunch of people I didn't know. So I pulled his cock out and started to suck him off.

I wasn't actually that keen on his cock,it was kind of long and narrow, with a pronounced bend in the middle, which was different from any other one I'd ever ahmm encountered...He stopped me after a bit and shifted me onto the couch so he could finger me while I sucked him off. If I thought he was just going to be happy that I was giving a blowjob I was wrong, he kept giving me feedback while I was doing it, he told me just to use my mouth and not my hand, which was a bit cheeky. He also had his hand on my head the whole time guiding me, which was a bit disconcerting, it's not the first time I've done it that way with a guy, but usually there has to be some degree of trust involved before I'd let a guy do it.

I like to think I'm pretty good at sucking guys off, so I did my thing, after a while I heard the conversation start again in the rest of the room. I'd started sucking Daniel off later than Laura and Kate had with their blokes, so obviously they were going to finish before me. I couldn't really see what was happening, but the feeling of everyone else in the room watching me suck him off while getting fingered the whole time was disconcerting, he took a stab at fingering my bum, but I intentionally clenched up so he couldn't get his finger in, so just rubbed around the outside.

After a while he finally came, he gave me a little whisper when he was close to finishing, I swallowed just because I've always found it easier, and you don't taste anything if you swallow straight away. After I swallowed I was going to stop but he asked me to keep going for a bit, until his cock started to get soft, at that point we stopped and we tidied ourselves up.

Kate came over smiling and gave me a drink, which was weird... for the next while we didn't talk about what we'd done, just what we were going to do the next day... I wasn't fully clear what I was going to do for the rest of the night but after a while, Daniel said he was going to go back to his room and bed and looked at me expectantly.

* * *

Originally I was just going to write a few paragraphs about what happened... but I kind of found a groove... I've found that writing about an experience refreshes my memories, I'd forgotten a lot of details until I started writing...

I've stopped here because I'm curious about what response I'll get from people, I've barely covered a few hours in the space of an entire weekend, and I'm all typed out for now.

Oh and please if anyone spots spelling or grammar mistakes let me know.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bodily functions and other Ickyness.

I can't remember If I mentioned it in previous posts but I was in quite a serious accident several years ago.

I won't describe the accident but I was in a bit of a mess afterwards. While it wasn't life threatening I'd smashed myself up pretty badly. While I escaped having a full body cast, my mobility was basically non existant with lower and upper body injuries so I couldn't even shift my weight around in bed without assistance.

So as all my posts are about sex.... where you might ask does sex come into this?

Well to start things off I was lucky with both my friends and my then boyfriend.

To be honest I didn't really see him as a long term partner. I strongly suspected at the time (rightly) that he was cheating and I was looking at ending it.

However as soon as he arrived on the scene (he'd been on exercise and got back a week or so after I'd been injured) he was there for me totally.

Anywho lets have a look at life in a hospital ward. Well for starters it was a German Hospital which is so much better than practically any other hospital in the world. So I lucked out there.

By ward it was only one in the sense of 4 person rooms grouped together. The Doctors were really good though I didn't really take to the the time I found them a little severe plus there was the language barrier.

But that's where my Boyfriend and mates came in. Once the catheter came out, simply having a pee became an ordeal lasting quite a while, and when I finally managed to Poo that was a nightmare as well (intravenous drips, no fibre in my diet, and the indignity of having an enema).

My boyfriend was able to logically work out how to shift me into position so he could take my weight so I could use a bedpan.... though it was actually a two person job, one to hold me and one to position the bedpan.

While urination was bad enough the joys of medically induced constipation made No 2s a nightmare, but my mates and boyfriend hung in there. The nurses were actually impressed and just let us to get on with it, beding visiting time rules as it took a high maintaince patient off their shoulders.

Some of the other patients were envious I think. They were restricted to having to wait for a nurse where as I always had somebody to hand.

Later there were the sponge baths... Less sexy than they sound... My Boyfriend certainly didn't get anything from it. I prefered him to do it than my mates but still it was a two person job at first.

After a while the two of them were able to get me into the shower... which was a big thing, because if you've only had sponge baths for over a month, a shower feels like heaven.

Around this time my mate suggested it might be an idea to do something for my boyfriend.I hadn't really thought about it, but it did occur to me that he didn't hae to do a fraction of the things he had. I had various Obgyn issues, so I wasn't going to be having sex for months though sometimes I still got horny, I couldn't stand to have anything rougher than a cloth on my sex.

He'd been on his best behavious spending all his free time with me... There's been no hint of him looking at anyone else (which was remarked on by all).

Anywho one day in the shower my mate discretly left and I proceeded to give him a blowjob...

It was an asbolute disaster, Considering he was pretty highly sexed I kind of took it as a reflection on me that I couldn't get him hard let alone get him off.. I felt pretty shit afterwards... He made all sorts of excuses but at the end of the day getting a blowjob from someone in a wheelchair wasn't his scene.

So I was in the dumps for a while...I was starting my physiotherapy and starting to get my mobility back. My mate hit on the idea of casts aside trying to tart me up.. So out came the wax strips... As well as my waxing my legs my pubes needed to go...

I'd shaved my pubes since I was a teenager so when they grew back they were like wire... I got a bit of tut tuting from the Obgyn when she saw me next (women obgyns are far more judgemental than me) but it was worth it as my boyfriend liked what he saw...


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I want your opinions (all six of you)

I demand some interaction from my massive readership... I realise that I'm a bit of a mong when it comes to the layout of the blog but hey... computers and I don't get on that well..

I also realise I'm a bit of a lazy moo when it comes to posting...

Anywho I had given up on this blog untill I started thinking about this bloke I shagged years ago...

I was chatting with a mate on facebook recently, (indulging in my hobby of Re-evaluating my sexual history) about this guy we knew when we were in the army. Well actually I shagged him a few times but..

Anywho he was a pretty terrific bloke and pretty shit hot in bed, he'd said at the beginning he wasn't looking for a relationship but after spending a bit of time with him I was starting to think it was my loss. So after a few nights we finished on pretty good terms.

The thing about the army was that everybody knew everybody else’s business even though I asked him to be discrete I fully expected everybody to know when we got back to camp. But this guy was so secretive, and I wasn't telling anyone cause I'd broken my own rule about not shagging anyone on camp.

Anywho nearly a year later I'm drinking with some a mate and some other girls that were in same garrison and he came up in conversation, and one of them blurts out that she'd shagged him. Someone else had been making jokes about him being gay he didn't have a gf and nobody ever saw him with any women.

So then another one of my mates blurted out that she'd shagged him as well, and so on until we realised (and I know it sounds incredible) that of the 8 of us there he'd shagged 5.

Everybody said the same thing it lasted a few nights he said he didn't want a relationship and he wanted to keep it a secret. In my case he hadn't really had to encourage me cause like I said I'd always said I wouldn't shag anybody on camp.

So at first we got pissed although as we thought about it he was a good guy. Probably the only one any of us had met in the army that could keep a secret from his mated about who they were shagging. Any other bloke would have boasted to everyone he met about shagging another squaddie.

There was one slightly creepy aspect to it he was given to taking knickers as souvenirs. When he whipped mine of me (I was in a really good mood) I kind of figured they might end up in a drawer with a load of other womens but I didn't realise how big the drawer would have to be and that they would be filled with my mates.

Anywho anybody else ever come across a guy like this. Secretive not given to boasting or kiss and tell. In all the blokes I've met I never even heard of anyone like him. When I think about it now I'm even more curious...

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The results of letting my Boyfriend choose my Underwear.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I held out on sex with my first boyfriend for a lot longer than the majority of my friends. It was kind of hard on him in a way because his previous girlfriend had been giving him all the sex he wanted (as well as all the sex several other guys wanted).

Anywho while we did various other stuff there was no vaginal or oral sex (or god forbid anal) for the first year of our relationship, but I tried to do various other things with him mainly masturbation, once he understood the whole 'no sex' rule I tried to be as accommodating as I could to him. Not so much out of kindness as the fact that half the girls in the school were sniffing around him.

So one of the things I ended up doing was wearing this Horrible Thong he'd bought me. It was just what a teenage boy would buy, I mean what little there was of it seemed to be designed to cause maximum discomfort, plus since to a high school student it cost a lot of money he wanted to get the maximum use out of it, so instead of just wearing it when we were snogging I'd end up having to wear it to school most days.

We used have a routine where we'd meet up in this spot before school, the first thing he'd do when he got my hand up my skirt was feel for the Thong rather than try to finger me, and he used get so disappointed when I wasn't wearing it.

I used to end up handwashing the fucking thing at night, I was wearing it that often plus I was too embarrassed to put it in the wash.

There was one slightly positive experience at that point, I was changing one day and one of the girls started taking the piss out of it saying it was slutty, I just shrugged it off and said it was a gift from my bf, when I looked around I realized she was jealous, like I said not many teenage boys were in the habit of buying undies for their girlfirends.

After a while I got in another routine. After we met in the morning before school I used just nip to the toilet and get the fucking thing off, whatever the funny feeling off going commando it was a pure relief compared to having to wear what felt like a wire web, I think it actually formed my preference for not wearing knickers.

On a stranger and more sentimental note when I joined the army he of course insisted of my bringing it with me. I thought I'd be embarrassed if anybody saw it, but compared to the choice of underwear a lot of the girls in my troop wore it fit right in.

I got kind of teary one night, I'd had a shitty day I missed home I missed my bf, I put it on when I went to bed and I felt better......

Friday, March 26, 2010

Blogging and my lack of Self discipline.

This blog is getting to be a bit of a struggle. I seem to be getting all of the negatives and few if any positives. I get the feeling of insecurity of posting intimate experiences on the internet, but not the feeling that I'm interacting with people about them.

In a way it's good to put incidents from my past into writing they seem more vivid in my head after I do it, but really what's the advantage of afterwards posting them?

Anywho I've read through some of my previous posts, actually my last one kind of shocked me... before I actually wrote it I didn't realise it sounded as bad as it did..

Also I think my spelling/punctuation/grammer might be putting people off... As the Americans say 'stay in school kids'

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sex and Violence...

I'm not a violent person but.... lol there's always a 'but' when someone feels the need to point out they're not violent.

But I have occasionally ended up in fights... I don't think being in the army made me any more prone to violence... but I think fights and such were more acceptable socially... I know that sounds weird but it was the army...

I'm still a little bit confused about this experience so rather than trying to articulate my motivations and feelings at the time... I'm just going to describe the events as clearly as I can...

I was in a bar one evening in Germany, with my then bf and some of his mate. Socially it wasn't really my scene plus the bar was a bit of a shithole.I was getting a bit tired of it to be honest, the blokes were looking to move on to a club so I figured that would be my cue to make an exit.

Anywho this eastern European (maybe Polish, she definitely wasn't German) woman came up to me on my way back from the toilet... I really didn't know what she wanted but she was obviously drunk and pissed off, the music was loud and I wasn't really in the mood for a labored conversation's basically after a bit I gave up on the conversation gave her a smile and turned to walk away...

At which point she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back and starts shouting into to my face while still holding on to my hair...

So I'm in shock for a few seconds and then I just went mental... I started punching her in the face... which caused her to let go... she was a bit shocked now, I was still punching her and I remember she was bleeding...

She was a good bit bigger than me and she started to try and grab me but mainly ended up with clumps of my dress and hair... Though I got pretty badly scratched and marked from where my clothes cut into my skin as she pulled them..

In the end I ended up putting her down with a punch to stomach. I was ready to start kicking her (harsh I know) but she threw up ... which was kind of nasty...

There were two blokes nearby who were shouting I guessed they were friends of hers, but my boyfriends mates were stopping them from getting near me...

If you think my bf was trying to break the fight up you'd be wrong he was cheering as loud as he could and so were his mates. Like I said it was the army and their attitudes were a wee bit different from civvies..

After it ended I was just standing there, my heart was raising, I remember having a bit of a headache coming on... I was pissed because she had ripped my top and I was just thinking 'What the fuck just happened'...

Anywho my bf came up to me and told me he'd take me home which sounded good... The bar staff wanted us gone anyway... If it had been England there would have been bouncers but things tend to be a bit more sedate in Germany.

Anywho instead of leading me out the front my bf took me out the back to the car park and over to a corner at the park that wasn't lit where he proceed to lean my against a wall and rip my knickers off.

I don't usually do sex in dodgey places, but my bf was quite perceptive and sensed that I might be up for it, he didn't actually say anything... I was trying to decide if I even wanted sex because my head was still spinning. It felt kind of like a mixture between being stoned and drunk, alternating between high and low..

I kind of enjoyed him fucking me cause the sensation was different than normal... as he was doing it I was just replaying what had happened inside.. my mind concentrated on that rather than on the sex... which is why my first orgasm kind of snuck up on me...

I hardly ever have multiple orgasms so after I came I was basically just waiting for him to finish when I orgasmed again... which kind of set my bf off more...

Then he pulled out of me and goes to take my up the bum... Anal sex was only something I let him do very rarely.. but for some reason the mindset I was in I didn't really mind...

Anywho I was so hyped up I didn't feel much pain (though I did later) it was the only time I ever orgasmed from anal sex... and again my bf was pretty hyped up about it...

When we got home he absolutely hammered me for what seemed ages...

The next morning I was absolutely aching, I had cuts and bruises I hasn't noticed at the time but I felt them now, plus I was aching from the sex, I hadn't prepped for the anal sex and it felt bad ... vaginally I didn't feel any better...

Apart from the Cuts and bruises there was what felt like a really bad hangover...

I was lying in bed a little pissed off with my bf being so rough with me when he fucked and I was still just think 'What the Fuck happend'...

I mean the sex was good it was exciting, I had never had three orgasms one after the other like that before.

I felt good after a bit for actually winning the fight. To be honest I liked the way my boyfriends regard for me increased. He was very image conscious and I'd looked good in front of his mates which to him was very important..

I know it sounds shallow of both him and me but that's just the way it worked... Sexually things got really good, he seemed to have this new energy when he was fucking me and it was good...

On an intellectual level I get that the adrenaline from being in the fight was still in my system when he fucked me outside but still, my thoughts on it are different every time I think about it.