Friday, January 23, 2009

What's a pair of Knickers between friends?

I've been bad, blogs take discipline and I knew I'd struggle getting into a routine anywho.. I've been thinking again about weird sexual experiences I've had. Not actual sex but occassions when sex stuck its head in and fucked everything up. Quasi sexual is that a term lol. So rather than just let stuff gather dust in my head here's one.

On an army exercise years ago, myself and a guy I was good mates with spent two weeks living out of a truck at the edge of the exercise area. Anyway normaly in a mixed sex unit sending one guy and one woman out by themselves just wouldn't happen.(There should have been three of us but no matter...) But he was a pretty level guy and I had a reputation for not shagging guys I worked with so we were considered safe.

I'll say right now nothing sexual happened, we got on really well. Its hard to live in close quarters with the opposite sex, but he was really considerate. In other situations like that I'd usually shoot away in the morning to get changed and washed with whatever privacy I could get. But with him I could get changed in the back of the truck and trust him completley to keep his back turned.

So when on exercise you don't have access to a laundry and as theres only a finite amount of spare clothes you can pack, so basically you wear the same shirt trousers and jacket all the time and all you change is your bra, knickers and t-shirt. Bras in particular are total sweat magnets and you get really icky rashes if you're not careful.

Anywho typically I'd wear mens boxers rather than knickers, because, they were cheap, I didn't want my own being ruined and I could wear them like shorts for modestys sake. So in the moring I'd tell K to turn his back then once I changed my undies and t-shirt I'd tell him he could turn around.So i'd potter around in my t-shirt and boxers for a bit cause all my bits were safely covered. Occassionally as well if we were just going to be waiting in the truck I'd discreetly slip my bra off just for a few hours comfort. Anyway this one morning rather than change into boxers I changed into an old set of knickers I had, they were girly and pink but not provocative. The reason being my period was due to start and the boxers didn't really work with pads.

Anywho if you've stuck with this long rambling story untill now I'll get to the point. What happened next was the one time in my life that a mans called me a slut in all seriousness. I stood up to put my trousers on and he just went ape shit, saying that I couldn't just traipse around dressed that way, that I was trying to provoke him etc etc then the slut word appeared.

So I went crazy then we were both sitting in the back of a truck in the middle of nowhere. Anyway after a while we both calmed down I thought he might apologize, he didn't. So we had another 5 days of uncomfortable silence. In the future I made sure he didn't see me in any underwear boxers or knickers. the whole thing just left me shaken.

I totally fell out with guy, I should have left it to cool down and then talked about it. To be honest he never discussed it with anybody else either cause its the type of thing that a gossip hungry unit would have loved. I can kind of guess his thinking, one minute I'm an honorary bloke next minute 'oh no' she's a girl again.

Anywho its weird actually writing it out has brought back details I'd forgotten.

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Sirenita said...

How bizarre. In my life, I've been in a number of situations where there's casual nudity (hot springs, nude beaches, theater dressing rooms, not to mention sex parties) and men strive to act like they don't notice anything (though of course they're looking). How gauche to make a fuss over underwear. I wonder if he was a weird religious type.